Aircraft Cleaning

  • Turnaround
  • Termination
  • Deep interior clean
  • Exterior wash and polish                                                          

KTAS are also able to arrange storage of customer consumables as well as ground service equipment manufacture and servicing to suit your needs.


Ground Handling Services 

  • Passenger Check-in, Boarding and Disembarkation procedures
  • Baggage Handling
  • Potable water and lavatory servicing
  • Aircraft Receipt and Dispatch
  • Passenger and Crew transfer                       




  • Deep Clean prior to disinsection. Both cargo hold and cabin.
  • Residual Disinsection


KTAS is capable and equipped to service any customer requirements.             

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Vc _ktas Interior aircraft cleaning


 Residual disinsection

KTAS Truck


Aircraft Washing

Aircraft Washing